A large UK mobile network operator needed to drastically reduce their training spend on a new transmission project that used two major infrastructure suppliers. Each supplier offered a 5 day training programme on their equipment.

• A lot of material covered was not relevant to the network management staff.
• The cost of adapting these courses through the manufacturers could not be cost justified
• The 2 equipment types were designed to work seamlessly with each other, yet the individual training courses did not deal with these interdependencies.
• Neither of the manufacturers courses dealt with the network operators documentation and procedures
To reduce the direct and indirect training costs, Communicate Worldwide developed some comprehensive ‘pre-work’ that was attached to the individual joining instructions and was made available 1 month prior to the training course. The training course was reduced from 10 to 3 days, with over 50% of the time being allocated to practical scenarios. These involved the operators procedures and both manufacturers Network Management Systems, in true network scenarios.